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As of July 2024 we will no longer be responding to Text Messages, This is to make keeping track of conversations easy
As of July 2024 we will no longer be responding to Text Messages, This is to make keeping track of conversations easy
The Style1 Airbox Explained

The Style1 Airbox Explained

The Style1 Airbox was created in early 2020 after seeing many other boxes and their issues and flaws. What I noticed in some of the other box designs were the following:

  • Cracked clear tops from the holes.
  • Deformed tops due to the seal compressing at bolt locations.
  • Threads stripping in tapped holes.
  • Excessively long filter change times due to glue being used to seal the top.
  • The seal eroding due to vibrations passed through the box.
  • Water buildup in the box.
  • Heat being held in stainless boxes. 
  • The need to use brackets to fasten each box in place due to weight of stainless boxes. 
  • Small volume of air in some boxes
  • Small available air volume in cylinder airboxes. 

After seeing all of this I spent many hours trying to get rid of each issue and the result was the Style1 Cold Airbox, although not all issues were 100% resolved, most were. 

Every Style1 Cold airbox has the following characteristics

  • Our clamping seal design.
  • Fast filter replacement times.
  • No Glue/ sealant is needed.
  • Top fixed on with rivnuts, not tapped holes. 
  • All our boxes are built from Aluminum not Stainless.
  • All of our boxes have built in MAF sensor housings if required.
  • Now they all have our built inhouse one way water drain.
  • Now we are rolling out the new and improved boxes with T51r mod to increase turbo sound/whistle in some of our boxes. PX1/PX2/BT-50 box shown below with T51r inlet. 

The biggest difference is our seal, We use a frame to clamp the clear top to the top of the box meaning there's no chance of a leak or the clear top cracking from the holes drilled through it or distortion around the bolt holes. The frame presses the clear top evenly onto a rubber seal, This also means changing the filter is an easy job because you only need to remove the frame then the filter and clear top can be removed, easy as! 

An airbox has a few jobs and we look to make each one of our boxes so they preform those at their absolute best and fit the space available, with our designs constantly changing and improving you can rest assured that you will be getting what you pay for! The Style1 box is built tough and is ready to be abused. 

The Style1 Airbox is also available in a Style3 variation witch is basically a Style1 Box with an extra on the side like one of the following.

  • Radiator overflow tank.
  • Oil Catch can/ Separator. 
  • Window washer tank.
  • Surge tank.  

Checkout our airboxes here , If your vehicle isn't there you can contact us to see if its in development or book your vehicle in to be the development vehicle, Discounts and conditions apply to be a development vehicle. 

We are currently developing a Style0 (equal to our shitbox). This will still maintain the high quality of our Style1 but will have a few less features and be a little more cost effective! 



If you own an store and want to become a dealer, Contact us here

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