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Custom Trays and Canopies

Hybrid can help you when it comes to custom trays and canopies from basic builds all the way through to show stopper multi purpose builds, however these come with a big price tag

Our Process

First we need to figure out what your looking for, what style, its purpose, how heavy you want it or light then we can provide you with an estimate. Once accepted then we can begin with the following 

3D Scanning

To save errors and to make the reay design as simple as possible we will remove your factory tray and 3d scan your chassis and cab, this allows us to design your tray to maximize space and this also streamlines the design process

Cad Design

Once we have your scan we will continue to the next step and design your tray/ canopy in cad, this way we can send you progress updates and you can make some changes along the way so when the design is finalized, there's no major changes to be made 


Once the design is done, the files are sent to the appropriate department, whether it be laser, folding, CNC or to the floor for fabrication, the tray or canopy will be fully assembled then once it works, sent off for powdercoat 

Once powder coat is done the tray is brought back to be installed onto your vehicle and any extras like water tanks, power systems and electronic locks added then final check's are done then its handed back to you to enjoy

These custom builds due to the process do take some time and if your in a hurry id suggest a pre made Tray and Canopy however if you don't mind a wait or order your tray well before you need it then this options for you!

Talk to us to find out more  

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