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As of July 2024 we will no longer be responding to Text Messages, This is to make keeping track of conversations easy
As of July 2024 we will no longer be responding to Text Messages, This is to make keeping track of conversations easy

ECU Remapping Services

Hybrid Street&4x4 offer ECU Remaps to the greater Auckland area and beyond and not only for diesel 4x4's, we also do high end performance cars, petrol or diesel. ECU Remapping can provide you with a range of benefits and will be one of the best things you could do for your vehicle. Some of the benefit's of ECU Remapping are as followed

Colorado Walkinshaw vs Alt Tune Map

More Power and Torque

ECU Remapping improves power and torque, you will feel torque come on earlier in the rev range and continue for longer with gains felt throughout the entire rev range. This means pulling out into intersections will be safer and overtaking can be done faster to prevent time over the line and towing a load on a trailer will be alot easier. 

 Improved fuel Economy 

Fuel economy is improved in multiple ways

  1. because you now need less throttle to get up to speed, you will now rely on the increased torque to carry you with out the need to put your foot all the way down
  2. Improved fuel maps provide better fuel economy and in modern diesel cars and 4x4's you will see upto 20% increase in fuel economy 

Improved drivability 

After a ECU Remap the drivability of your vehicle will be greatly improved, with improvements in fuel economy, torque, power your vehicle will be like a whole new car, with the ability to hold gears and no longer needing to cut drop a gear to maintain speed, all within safe parameters, we do not push your vehicle to the point where it will blow up in a weeks time 

Custom Remaps after adding aftermarket parts

ECU Remapping is a great way to get the most out of mods like a new exhaust or front mount intercoolers or cold airbox. after adding any mods its recommended to tune them in to get the most out of your vehicle and avoid any negative effects caused by adding mods and not tuning the vehicle to suit, this also allows you to do some of the following mods

  1. EGR Delete
  2. DPF Delete
  3. Swirl Flap Deletes
  4. Adblue Delete
  5. Launch Control
  6. HardCut Limiter and more

EGR Delete 

EGR delete is a very popular delete, here's why. EGR Delete is often done as the exhaust gas recirculating through your engine will deposit soot in your intake and over time heavily restrict your intake runners, this causes a loss in power, incorrect fuel mixtures often leading your engine to run hot and rich and sometimes engine failure. Deleting the EGR at the ecu is a quick and cost effective solution to prevent this from happening and a carbon clean is recommended to undo the damaged caused by your EGR

DPF Delete 

DPF Delete is a popular modification and is a cost effective solution to a failed DPF or one that's giving you issues. It is very common for a DPF to give you issues when you live in the city and do not do much highway driving as the vehicle in some cases won't perform a DPF regen causing it to clog, this can cause a drop in performance and sometimes throw you into limp mode and this can lead to costly repairs

 Adblue Delete

Adblue deletes have many benefit's like reduced running costs due to not needing to fill your adblue tank and improved performance. Adblue delete will also save you an expensive repair or save you money repairing a failed adblue system 

If your looking for any of the above solutions, talk to us or purchase your ECU Remap here


  ECU Remapping Auckland

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