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Mechanical Pump Tuning

Hybrid now offers mechanical pump tuning to the public, if you have a Safari, 80 series or any other car of 4x4 that runs a mechanical pump then this is for you!.

What we offer is a comprehensive service where we can get the power your after, however there's afew things that need to be in check. 

Your Engine

Can your engine handle it? With most engine's being 20+ years old, things get tired, clearances go out of wack, bearings are on their last legs, your radiator may be partly blocked, viscous fan warn, Preventive maintenance is probably the most important thing to sort before you even start looking to get more power out of it, spend some money here first.


Can your engine and components flow enough to support the power your wanting? The first thing you should be doing is replacing your exhaust with a 3" or the appropriate size to clear exhaust gasses to avoid excessive back pressure, this however also is the same for the cold side, can your airbox, intake system flow enough to avoid excessive vacuum.


In any turbo diesel when chasing power its important to cool the charged air going into your engine, this results in more power, torque and fuel efficiency as well as the main one, a drop in EGT's. We are seeing a larger drop in EGT's with front mounts over top mounts and would always if your have the space recommend a front mount, if those aren't an option due to room then consider water/ methanol injection, this is a real good and effective option if space is an issue.


Over time these ware out and stop functioning correctly, a injector that is worn out can produce a improper spray pattern creating hot spots on your pistons/ head causing damage/ incomplete burn and as a result, poor power, melted pistons/ head. It is highly recommended injectors are done before chasing power.

Fuel Pump

Making sure your fuel pump is upto the job is key as these over time will ware out and lose their effectiveness, most factory fuel pumps can only deliver fuel to supply a medium amount of air, most limiting at 18-22psi, although that in most cases that will produce enough torque to satisfy most, having a built pump or just reconditioned will make a world of difference, adding a compensator is also key to control mixtures once boost comes on. It is also recommended for to run a 5-7psi lift pump to ensure you get the fuel supply your pump needs. 


This is one of the most important but difficult choices you'll need to make, choosing the right turbo that's going to react the way you want it to with your setup, with hundreds to chose from how do you chose? Each turbo will have an efficiency range and making sure your not running your turbo outside of its efficiency range is key as a turbo running outside of its efficiency range will do one of the following, run into surge, lag, produce hot air, have excessive turbine speeds and fail where as a turbo running inside its efficiency range will produce cooler air, be responsive and produce good solid power for alot longer. That being said there's alot of good choices for bolt on turbos that are vehicle specific and make selecting a turbo much easier.


Being able to monitor things like oil pressure, water temp, EGT's, Boost and AFR's is a good way to avoid engine damage, with the issues being able to randomly it is ideal being able to see them happen so you can take immediate action to prevent further damage, knowing your oil pressure is low is the difference between a $95 tow truck or a $6000+ engine rebuild 

Boost Control

Selecting the right wastegate/ wastegate spring and boost controller is important to getting the most when tuning, a wastegate spring that's too soft will result in the wastegate just being blown open! this is not ideal when you have a big pump and injectors, 13psi of boost will not be anywhere enough to clear up the fuel and this will result in dangerously rich AFR's and melted pistons/ head and global warming!. When selecting a boost controller, generally 20ish psi and below get a decent boost tee like Turbosmart and 20ish and above use a GFB D-Force, this is designed for diesels and will set you right with extra functions allowing safer tuning 

This was supposed to be a short blurb but i got carried away, if your looking to build up your vehicle message us and we can help with all the above, drop your vehicle off stock and pick it up a whole new beast 


Diesel Tuning Auckland

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