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Mobile ECU Remapping

Mobile ECU Remapping

Due to popular demand Hybrid now offer a mobile ecu remapping service to the wider Auckland area where we can come to you and unleash your vehicles potential so you can experience the difference ecu remapping makes without having to take the day off work and organize your vehicle to be dropped to our workshop.

This service is available for both cars and 4x4's found in our performance calculator located here 

What improvements will you expect to see

More Power!
We have the ability to safely increase the power of your car. Factory limiters prevent your car from making more power.

More Torque!
Increased torque allows you to accelerate faster, which results in safer over taking and more fun!

Improved drivability!
Due to an increase in overall power you will experience improved drivability, needing to use less throttle to get where you need to go.

Fuel Savings!
By lowering engine load needed and adjusting fuel mixtures we can decrease fuel consumption and lower engine temperature

We can also perform the following services 

  • EGR Deletes
  • DPF Deletes
  • Adblue Deletes
  • Swirl Flap deletes
  • Transmission tunes
  • and more 

Why use us? 
Hybrid has partnered with one of the top master tuners in NZ to bring you tried and tested dyno proven maps to suit your vehicle, we have tailor made Maps to suit your vehicle in a stock or modified form.

We also datalog your vehicle in real world conditions to ensure the new maps are working how they should in the conditions they will be driven in and adjust accordingly or troubleshoot any issues if the vehicle is not performing how it should! our tuning is not a one size fits all approach 

Contact us today for a quote and to make a booking 

We also offer Fleet or group deals

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