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Auckland 4x4 Expo 2024!!!

Auckland 4x4 expo 2023


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The leading vendors in the 4×4 industry will be showcasing their products with stalls, have show specials and product demonstrations. This is the only time we have brought them all together to supply you with the opportunity to get first hand experience with their products and customer service to help build your 4×4.

The Show & Shine section will be dedicated to give you inspiration on your current build, be able to talk with the owners onsite and of course support each others build though social media.

Our camping section will offer set ups from the general public staying onsite for the event. You can see in action what products they are using and how they have adapted using their 4×4 into the outdoor lifestyle.

If you are looking for specific parts for your build, the swap meet section might just have them. Keep your eyes peeled for the deals.

We know how amped you might get to purchase a 4×4 (or another) so we have a dedicated For Sale section ready for you to drive that 4×4 home!

We are thankful to support our 4×4 community with this event, to give people the opportunity to connect over the same passion.

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