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ECU Remapping

Original price $1,150.00 - Original price $1,450.00
Original price
$1,150.00 - $1,450.00
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Finance Available

Finance Available on all products and builds

ECU Remapping is a great way to get the most out of any modern vehicle in a stock or modified form. Remapping updates the ECU of the vehicle with new data allowing it to preform outside of factory perimeters providing you with more power, more torque and more fuel efficiency in some cases, enter your vehicles details into the vehicle search below to view your expected power gains, this indication is at the crank and based on a vehicle in stock form.  

Remapping is available in the following options 

  • Power Tune
  • Economy Tune
  • Towing Tune 

 Other options available when purchasing a remap though Hybrid are  

  • DPF Delete 
  • EGR Delete
  • Swirl flap delete 
  • Hard Cut Limiter 
  • Pops and Bangs (for some vehicles) 
  • Launch Control (for some vehicles) 

Things to note would be

  • Hybrid Street&4x4 Ltd Do not warranty your vehicle.
  • Adding any amount of power to any engine will cause extra stress and shorten the engines life.
  • We will not remap/ tune your vehicle if it is poorly maintained.
  • ECU remapping is 100% reversible if required with the ability to reload the map
  • We do not currently have a dyno so if you have done mods like Injectors or turbo upgrades then remapping is not recommended with us. 
  • These maps are dyno proven and developed. 
  • You will need a cert for DPF Deletes.
  • This listing is only to work the ECU and does not include any labor required to remove your dpf or any part.
  • In some cases we will need to remove your ECU as some require bench tuning, labor will be charged for this.   

Wait and delivery times on all products.

Most items are a special buy in or made to order. Please ask for wait times before purchasing if your in a hurry


-All Sales are Final unless the product is defective or not fit for purpose as specified at the time of sale.
-Defective products must be notified immediately upon receiving them.
-Some products will not be a direct bolt up or fit and require professional install and some modifications/ calibration in some cases.
-You will have 30 days from the time of delivery to lodge a refund/ return or exchange request.
-Due to the ever-changing rules around LVVTA standards it is the purchaser’s responsibility to check that these products are compliant with current standards for usage on public roads.

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