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HYBRID Beadlock Kit v1 36 Bolt

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$175.00 - $185.00
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Hybrid weld in beadlock kits are designed for those who want to push their 4x4's to the absolute extreme offroad with the lowest possible tyre pressures allowing max traction. When you run beadlocks you minimize the chances of a tyre coming off the bead and they also look real cool too! 

Hybrid weld in beadlock kits are 36 bolt. The inner ring is made from 6mm thick steel and the outer is made from 6mm corten so you can smash it agenized rocks and not worry too much about damaging softer grade 350 mild steel rings.

What's Included in this listing

  • 1x inner ring
  • 1x outer ring

These are made for offroad use only but can pass cert

Due to the ever changing rules its upto the buyer to check rules and regulations around beadlock rim conversions 


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    -You will have 7 days from the time of delivery to lodge a refund/ return or exchange request.
    -Due to the ever-changing rules around LVVTA standards it is the purchaser’s responsibility to check that these products are compliant with current standards for usage on public roads.

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