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HYBRID Tyre Deflator Kit

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If you run big tires or just cant be bothered waiting 5+ minutes per tire to set your pressures this kits for you!

You'll be able to set all 4 before your mates on to their second,  then you'll be able to go help them with their other two while they pack up their tire deflator and order one of these.

What's included 

  • 1x valve remover tool
  • 1x tyre pressure gauge 
  • 1x carry case
  • 4x spare valves (because in some cases it takes some practice to get it right)
 These are simple to use
  1. Remove your dust caps
  2. Use the tool to remove your valve from your valve stem making sure to hold it firmly as you remove it
  3. every few seconds, 5-10 check your tyre pressure
  4. when your 2-3psi from your desired pressure use the tool to reinstall your valve
  5. repeat x4 and your done! 


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