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As of July 2024 we will no longer be responding to Text Messages, This is to make keeping track of conversations easy
As of July 2024 we will no longer be responding to Text Messages, This is to make keeping track of conversations easy

Nissan Navara 2014 - 2023 Style3 Cold Airbox

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NP300 Cold airbox, This box will increase flow and provide cooler air to your engine as well as protect it from water and the dreaded hydro lock and is maf sensor compatible, it comes with the following

  • Style1 Cold airbox
  • Window washer relocation tank
  • ECU relocation bracket 
  • Mounting Kit
  • One way water drain

Now those of you who have tried to fit your NP300 or X class ute with a snorkel will know this is no easy feet, your window washer tank is in the guard where the snorkel needs to run, your ecu is in the way, your inlet is on the front!! nightmare

This box will remove all of that 

The next thing you need to note and this is important 

  • There is no factory hole in the inner guard meaning one needs to be cut
  • The inner guard that needs to be cut is a crumple zone and being a 2016+ vehicle this can cause issues re wof/ cert
  • You will need to talk to your local certifier/ wof guy to see how he/ she wants it done as it varies with each person
  • V2 Pre orders are now available, V2 boxes are the original but revamped and now with mounting points  
  • This item is made to order
  • Check the Current wait times in the main menu for an ETA


  • It is upto the person purchasing this box to make sure their local certifier/ wof person is happy with the location of the new hole, Hybrid Street&4x4 takes no responsibility for any costs to repair your vehicle if the hole is not cut in a way the certifier/ wof person is happy. 


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-Due to the ever-changing rules around LVVTA standards it is the purchaser’s responsibility to check that these products are compliant with current standards for usage on public roads.

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